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Real Madrid 5 - 1 Basel

(Suchy o.g 14’, Bale 30’, CR7 31’, Rodriguez 36’ & Benzema 79’)

"I don’t even get why Casillas was whistled because there is no way you can blame him for this defeat, not even for the second goal, not to mention he first one when people started booing in the first 40 minutes. This makes pretty clear the fact that on the Bernabeu things aren’t very good. The atmosphere is anything but devotion and love for the crest, you can’t blame your captain everytime and boo whenever he touches the ball."

- Sports commentator in my country (via flashed-football-mind)


Real Madrid 1  -  2 Atletico Madrid


Real Madrid 1 - 1 Atletico Madrid

(Cristiano . p . 26)