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and after all he hugged him and gave him the ball…wow

Classy way to react, I like him already.

"Barça offered me 5 millions more than Madrid, but I don’t play for money, but for the love to the white jersey."

- James Rodríguez (via apoyogarethbale11)

"Yes, I heard that he [James] signed yesterday. And to be honest I think he’s a fantastic player. Real Madrid also bought Toni Kroos from Bayern Munich, so I think they’ve invested very well. They will be a great reinforcement for the team. I’m looking forward to playing with them."

- Cristiano Ronaldo, 22/07/2014 (via cr7forbeastmode)

Anonymous said: Hi! Do you know if it will be possible to attend James' presentation for free? I'm in Madrid right now and I'd like to attend, but I don't know if it will be free or not. Thank you :)

Hi, I honestly couldn’t tell you. I would assume that they’d let fans in for free so that the place is full for new players but that’s a guess only. It’s probably worth the trip down to the stadium to check I’d say, they only get presented once ;) have fun!


James Rodríguez joins Real Madrid for the next six seasons. Presentation tonight at 20:00 at the Bernabeu.

Welcome to Madrid James!